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There’s a reason why our Jiu Jitsu classes are the workout of choice for so many. Not only is this Jiu Jitsu class a strength and cardio workout in one, it’s the best way to get in tune with your inner badass. In addition to boosting your strength and cardio, this Jiu Jitsu class improves a number of skill-related parameters of fitness, including balance, coordination, reactivity, and agility. Not only is this class a healthy and productive way to help you let go of tension, the rush of endorphins may make you happier too. A study published in Neuropsychopharmacology found that people who engaged in high-intensity workouts for an hour released significantly more endorphins than those who spent an hour on moderate exercise.  At Grip Game we are not just a training facility we are a community, In the same way that motorcycle riders raise their hand as they pass each other on the road, there’s a silent bond that links all those who train with us. if you happened to have any Grip Game gear on and you at a MMA event or just at the store garbing groceries don’t be surprised if you get a nod or someone reaches out to shake your hand letting you know they are in the same community as you.
There’s a surprising camaraderie that comes with training with us  alongside of other people fighting their own fight. Classes have taken something that was once intimidating and exclusive and turned it into a workout that’s accessible and fun. If you’re feeling nervous about your first class, feel free to ask a friend to join you.. Who knows—you both might just find your new favorite workout.If this not enough to convince you to add this class to your regimen, these five punching perks will have you itching to put on a pair of gloves.

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You’ll sculpt every muscle
You’ll burn major calories-fast
You’ll relieve stress like never before 
You’ll improve your coordination
You’ll never stop learning