Grip Game Jiu Jitsu


Grip Game Jiu Jitsu is an affiliate of Tier 1 Training and is located on 208 West Main Street of Denison Texas. We specialize in GI and no GI Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. We have classes for MMA, wrestling, and Muai Thai boxing. Our teachers and students regularly compete in MMA fights, Jiu Jitsu and Judo tournaments. Our head instructor is JJ Thompson.
JJ has currently trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 7 years, and is a brown belt under Alan Shebaro.
JJ actively competes along side his team and is one of the most competitive instructors in this area. JJ is always improving his training with the best practitioners, and world champions, in and out of Texas.JJ holds many titles in GI and NO GI competitions.jj320x259

  • Multi time NAGA Championship belt holder
  • Louisiana State Jiu Jitsu Champion
  • Houston International Jiu-Jitsu Open Champion
  • Redline Oklahoma City Jiu Jitsu Champion
  • Fight 2 Win Champion
  • NO GI Louisiana State Jiu Jitsu Champion
  • NO GI Worlds silver medalist
  • NO GI Grapplers Quest Florida silver medalist
  • Texas State Championships NO GI silver medalist
  • Open weight class silver medallist No Gi advanced absolute Grapplers Quest in Florida
  • Texas State Absolute Championships silver medalist

Just to name a few; JJ has placed at many other local and non local competitions as well. He competes at the Worlds and Pan Armenian Championship level in Jiu-Jitsu each year and trains with one of the most prestigious schools and instructors in the country, which is internationally known.

Mr. Thompson has also trained many law enforcement officers, such as Red River County Sheriff’s Department, Grayson County Sheriff’s Department, and the Sherman, Texas and Denison, Texas Police Departments. Grip Game Jiu-Jitsu also gives discounted fees to all types of law enforcement.

Team Grip Game is big on doing charity events to help many different communities. If you have a charity event, which you feel we can help with, please email us.

All classes are at our gym on 208 West Main Street of Denison Texas.

Phone: (903) 818-0780


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