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You don’t have to be Great to start, But you have to start to be Great.

Grip Game Jiu Jitsu is a Alan Shebaro Tier1 affiliated team oriented gym in Sherman, Texas that has weekly BJJ, Boxing, and MMA specific classes led by very talented and competent instructors. Many of our members have Judo, wrestling, and TKD expertise, who are willing help you in your training.

Everyone has different reasons and motivations to workout and train. Some people want to get healthy, get in shape, start fighting MMA or boxing, or to compete in BJJ or Judo tournaments. At Grip Game Jiu Jitsu, we share the idea that pushing our minds and bodies to the limit, makes us better individuals. And by motivating our teammates to do the same, we can build a really strong team which helps drives each individual to become even better. So no matter what your sport or motivation is, we welcome you to come help us be the strongest team in Texoma.


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We are located on Main Street in Denison two doors down from Phillips Insurance.

208 W Main St

Denison, Tx 75020

Phone:(903) 818-0780


3 Responses to Home

  1. Avatar Tiffany Hollar
    Tiffany Hollar says:

    I need to get back in shape! I had a baby exactly 1 yr ago and I have just not had the motivation to get me going and I need that and someone pushing me. I seen your place on some of my friends facebook posts and I thought that’s what I need. I used to be a size 2-4 and now I’m at a size 18!!! I’m desperate! If someone could please contact me and tell me more I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thanks, Tiffany Hollar

    • Avatar Marty Huff
      Marty Huff says:

      Thanks for your interest Tiffany, we are almost ready to open at the new location in the mall just across from Jump Land. Someone from the gym will be giving you a call soon. Please tell your friends and family we encourage everyone to come check us out!

  2. Avatar Phillip Terrell
    Phillip Terrell says:

    I recently just moved to Sherman. I trained at Gorreals MMA, and was referred to you all by my instructor Stacy Rice that you all have a nice facility and good training program. I’ve tried calling you a few times and haven’t gotten a response from you all. If you could contact me back I’d really appreciate it.

    Thanks, Phillip Terrell